1. Who is responsible for your data?
UNA GAFA SOY, S.L (from now on, UNA GAFA SOY) CIF: B85025336 Calle Hortaleza, número 70, 28004-Madrid, España Phone: (+34) 917817074 Email:
  1. What data do we manage?
UNA GAFA SOY may compile personal data which directly provides information to our different establishments. Within these forms you will be able to check the “mandatory” fields. Without this information, we are unable to provide you with the service requested. Additionally, this type of data, generates a series of transactional information (for instance: information about your order(s), withdrawals and returns, complaints, incidences, amongst others). This information is handled by UNA GAFA SOY  since it is very delicate in terms of statistics and it’s a value- added component of our relationship with our customers, since it allows us to know our clients better and personalize the data regarding which products they may like better. At the same time with this data we are able to better target our products to provide our clients with personalized and differentiated publicity. Your data will be treated with confidentiality by all our employees which might be in contact with it. We will not communicate or provide third parties with your data/information, except in legally advised cases, or in the case you allow us to do so previously.
  1. Under which means and legitimization do we treat your data?
Below you will find a detailed description of the different means by which we may use your data depending on the link you maintain with UNA GAFA SOY and its legal bases.
  1. 1. Manage the Hired services and bring to good terms the contractual relationship.
Your data will be used exclusively for the hired services which may also imply: (i) your client registry; (ii) the preparation of your order and its delivery; (iii) processing and answering any doubts, concerns or claims you might have with one of our products. Failure to accept these regulations will lead to us to being unable to subscribe the necessary contract(s) to provide you with the services you are interested in. Legitimizing Base: Contract Execution
  1. Send commercial information regarding products we commercialize
Anytime you request in any of our forms commercial information regarding our products we will send you this information via email (newsletters) or other similar means. Legitimizing Base: Consent
  1. Elaboration of customer profiles and marketing:
Through this purpose UNA GAFA SOY, could pick and treat data analysis of customer shopping in order to allow UNA GAFA SOY offer products and services that may be of your particular interest (for instance: differentiating male and female products). Legitimizing Base: Legitimate interest with the purpose of improving our service and offering more personalized products to our customers.
  1. Web browsing Management and Analysis
Managing the user’s web browsing. We use this information in order to allow and at the same time, facilitate the access and browsing of our webpage through digital platforms. For instance, to offer the best web platform that better adapts to the technological device you choose to browse our website on. You may consult our cookie policy here. Legitimizing Base: Contract execution (mandatory cookies) and customer’s consent (optional cookies)
  1. Mandatory legal obligations:
UNA GAFA SOY is subject to various norms which imply the mandatory need to treat personal data to comply with these norms. (for example, tax regulations). In compliance of these obligations, UNA GAFA SOY will be able to communicate your data to Public and Tribunal Administrations, anytime the request is made through the established legal clauses. Legitimizing base: Legal obligation
  1. How can you stop receiving commercial offers?
In all commercial communications we send via email or digital platforms, you will have a link below which will allow you to manage your privacy settings and request us not to send commercial communications. At the same time, you make revoke this consent or manifest your opposition through one of these means: -Sending an email to: -Managing your privacy options through “Mi Cuenta (My account)” for registered users -Through a written letter directed to UNA GAFA SOY, Calle Hortaleza número 70, 28004 Madrid, España It takes from 48-72 hours to successfully process this request; therefore, you might be able to receive some kind of commercial communication during this time.
  1. How long do we keep your data for?
If you are registered as a client in our webpage, your personal data will be kept with us (unless you decide to unsubscribe from it), since we will understand meanwhile that you are interested in keeping your account with us, regardless of the activity you display in our web during a period of time. If you have not registered as a client but you do online shopping, your data will be kept until we confirm the order has been successfully delivered with no further incidences and there are no additional complaints regarding the product and/or the order. Once you request to unsubscribe from our page, and we confirm the successful delivery of the product with no further incidences, your data will be suppressed according to what is written under the data protection policy which will imply, we will block your data. We will be available per the request of competent Judges and tribunes, Fiscal Ministry, or Public Administrations during the limitation period of actions that may derive to be further along eliminated.
  1. Will we share your data with third parties?
In order to comply with the means highlighted in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary to provide access to entities within our corporate group, concretely to UNA GAFA SOY, S.L., for the sole purpose of providing an internal administrative management service. At the same time, for the delivery compliance, we will provide your data to the transportation company in charge and uniquely those necessary on this end, for them to be able to provide this service (for instance, name, address, and phone number as well as any additional information provided by you to make the delivery process quicker).
  1. What are your rights when you provide us with your personal data?
The rights that assist you in front of UNA GAFA SOY regarding the treatment of personal data are the following: the right to access your personal data, rectification of uncertain data, request the deletion, limiting or opposing to some of the treatments, (for example: opposing to having advertisements sent to you) and carry your data. To place this in motion, it will only be necessary to send an email to or a letter to UNA GAFA SOY, Calle Hortaleza num. 70, 28004 Madrid, España. Also, you have the possibility to claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.
  1. a) Right to access
You will have the right to obtain confirmation from UNA GAFA SOY, if we are treated or not personal data that concerns you, also information on: the ends of the data treatment, the category of data treated, the recipient categories for those who have communicated or will be communicated, if possible, the expected period of retention of personal data, or if not possible, the criteria used to determine this term. In these particular cases, UNA GAFA SOY will provide you with a copy of the personal data subject to treatment. Also, when you request via digital platforms, we will provide you also with a digital form. In cases where manifestly unfounded or excessive requests are made, especially repetitive ones, UNA GAFA SOY may charge a fee that compensates for the administrative costs of attending the request that will correspond to the true cost of processing such request. UNA GAFA SOY will inform about the derived actions of your petition in the course of a month (which could extend to two months if the requests are more complex than usual, which we will notify you during the first month). If UNA GAFA SOY decides not to attend a request, he/she will inform you of the decision, and we will motivate the refusal, within one month of the submission of the application.
  1. b) Right of rectification:
You have the right to request that UNA GAFA SOY rectifies the personal data when these are inexact or have these completed when they’re incomplete. If you are registered in our Platform, it could be much easier for you to fix these directly by modifying your profile.
  1. c) Right to suppression/ right to forget
You will have the right to obtain from UNA GAFA SOY the suppression of the personal data that concerns you when one of these circumstances occur:
  • That are not necessary when related to the ends by which they were chosen or treated for;
  • That you remove the consent, and the treatment is not based under legal base;
  • That you oppose to the treatment and no other legitimate motives for the treatment are prevalent;
  • That these have been treat illicitly
When the suppression derives from the right to opposition direct marketing purposes, UNA GAFA SOY will be able to keep your personal data with the means to forbid future treatments for these ends. When UNA GAFA SOY has made public the personal data and is obliged to suppressed given data, UNA GAFA SOY having in mind the technology available, and the cost of its application, will adopt reasonable means, including technical ones, to inform those responsible of your data suppression request of any link to these personal data information or any additional copy or replica of the same.
  1. d) Right to limitation:
You will have the right to obtain from UNA GAFA SOY the limitation of the treatment of the data when one of the following conditions is met:
  • When you have challenged the accuracy of your personal data, during the time frame that allows UNA GAFA SOY verify the accuracy of the same;
  • In the event that you consider that the treatment of such is illicit and UNA GAFA SOY has opposed to the suppression of your personal data and you request in its place, the limitation of its use;
  • When UNA GAFA SOY no longer needs the personal data for the ends of the treatment but you need them to formulate or backup the complaint;
  • In the event that you have opposed to the treatment while we verify that the legitimate motives of UNA GAFA SOY prevail over yours.
When you have obtained the limitation of the treatment in accordance with this section, you will be informed by UNA GAFA SOY before the lifting of said limitation. UNA GAFA SOY will communicate any rectification or suppression of personal data or limitation of treatment to each of the recipients to whom this personal data has been communicated to, unless it is impossible or requires disproportionate effort. UNA GAFA SOY will inform the person interested regarding said recipients, if requested.
  1. e) Portability right:
You have the right to receive personal data on a structured format, of common use and mechanic lecture and transmit these to another person responsible when the treatment is based on the consent or a contract and is done by automated means. When exercising your right to data portability, you will have the right to have all personal data transmitted directly from person in charge to person in charge when technically possible. The exercise of this right shall be without prejudice to the powers granted by the right of suppression. The right to portability will not be applied to the treatment that is necessary for the fulfillment of a mission carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public powers conferred on UNA GAFA SOY. The right to portability will not extend to data that UNA GAFA SOY would have inferred from data that derives directly from the use by UNA GAFA SOY of the services provided.
  1. f) Right to opposition:
You will have the right to oppose to the treatment of data that concerns you, at any moment, including the profile elaboration. In case you decide to exercise this right, UNA GAFA SOY will stop treating your personal data, unless we credit legitimate motives so that the treatment prevails over your interests, rights, liberty, or for the formulation, exercise or defense of complaints. When the treatment of personal data has as an underlining objective direct marketing, you will have the right to oppose at any moment to the treatment of personal data that concerns you, including profile elaboration while this is linked to marketing strategies. In a way that, personal data will stop being treated for said ends.
  1. h) Automated individual decisions:
You have the right not to be object to a decision based uniquely on automated treatment, including profile elaboration, that produces legal effects on you or significantly affects you. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to exercise such right in the case that the decision is fundamental or necessary to execute a contract between UNA GAFA SOY and you; is authorized for the applicable right to UNA GAFA SOY anytime it establishes the right measures to protect your rights, liberties and legitimate interests or anytime it is based on explicit consent.
  1. h) Right to file a complaint:
You have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection especially if you are not satisfied with the exercise of your rights.
  1. How do we protect your personal data?
Our webpage uses security measures including firewalls, access controls and crypto-mechanisms to avoid unauthorized access and guarantee the confidentiality of the same. In order to achieve these ends, the user authorizes that UNA GAFA SOY obtains data that corresponds to the authentication of control access. Additionally, any transaction made through the webpage are processed by secure payment systems. The confidential payment data is transmitted directly through an encrypted method (SSL) to the corresponding entity. UNA GAFA SOY states that it has adopted all the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data that it treats, as well as to prevent its loss, alteration and/or access by unauthorized third parties.
  1. Cookie policy
You may view our entire cookie policy here.


DATA PROTECTION: We inform you that your personal data will be processed by Optica Toscana (UNA GAFA SOY, S.L.) in order to be able to render and offer you our services. You may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel, oppose, or revoke this permission at any time. For further information see our Privacy Policy.