The best way to understand the philosophy of a brand is through the people who trust in it over and over again. In this case, Optica Toscana has gathered four of its most loyal friends to show the collection and to tell us why they choose our brand.

Glasses have become an iconic object, a symbol of fascination that deserves to be shown off, and no one can know this better than Beatriz Moreno de la Cova, Susana Navarro, Luis González and Nono Vásquez.

Beatriz Moreno de la Cova, one of the most influential stylists nowadays, an innovative and beauty lover who knows fashion rules and how to deal with them. That’s the reason why she possesses, among her most significant objects, a wide collection of glasses, making the choice of her favourite ones a difficult task. Square, round, rectangular… all of them have a special place in Beatriz’s wardrobe.

Susana Navarro, a lifetime teacher who enjoys combining her outfits with Optica Toscana’s glasses since the very first day that we opened our doors. In her collection we can find different shapes and colours that help her feel at ease. Safely kept among her belongings, Toscana’s glasses have a privilege place in her dresser, she never goes out without wearing a pair of them.

With a more classic and formal style, we find Luis González, who prefers round shape glasses to complement his daily outfits. Different shapes and materials that are a perfect match for his most treasured assets.

As a true stylist and beauty consultant, Nono Vázquez really knows where to find his favourite glasses. A wide well-cared collection that looks like a museum exhibition, in which you will always find several black acetates, one for each day of the week.

A good pair of glasses can change not only a look but also a mood. The key lies in dealing and experimenting with different styles and materials, but, of course, always providing a high-quality guarantee. In Optica Toscana each frame is like a specially selected jewel for those looking for the best finish and the most original designs.



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