Optica Toscana starts autumn/winter season with fresh, versatile and risky proposals. It is the place where avant-garde fashion from the glasses’ world is displayed and, above all, it is the place for those who really know who they are. To this extent, we have the pleasure to count on two great friends, Nuria Menoyo, stylist and creative director in Interior Design and, Oscar Guimarey, stylist and costume designer who works for the TV, cinema and theatre, among other places.

For the next weeks, these two incredible creatives will be showing us their daily outfits being undoubtedly led by Optica Toscana’s glasses as the most essential complement. Within the variety of looks that we can find, there will be reading glasses, sport glasses, and even glasses for a morning after party… in all and each of the occasions there is an opportunity to wear Optica Toscana’s glasses.

Nuria Menoyo always decides to see the world through her glasses which are a piece of jewellery, made to enjoy, thought to be used in hundreds of situations. It could be with a cat-eye shape, with a sunshield to play sports or to rest after a long working day. Nuria has the chance of being a different person behind every frame. The courage of combining them with different outfits makes her a funny and daring woman and, as in her job, she mixes styles and trends with an unchanging result: success. Nuria always follows her heart in relation to her style with the available options in Optica Toscana. 

Cinema, theatre, television, advertising … and, in addition to that, he gets in charge of the costume design of some music bands. Oscar Guimarey shines in every stage, as when he is in front of his wardrobe. His unique, distinctive and timeless style makes it impossible to forget any of his works or looks. Oscar makes fashion a funny passionate and frantic game in which glasses always win the match. The stylist trusts in Optica Toscana every time he needs to find his favourite brands that remark his personality at any time of the day, every day of the week.

Toscana’s glasses talk for themselves, anyone who wears them definitely knows that they can never have only one pair in their collection.



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